When I think of The Philippines, my mind swirls with rainbow rolls of saccharine pastillas made with pure milk of waterbuffalo, vibrant slices of kakanin or sticky rice cakes, chilly mountains of creamy halo-halo topped with leche flan, sweet and crunchy skewers of bananacue and kamotecue, and luscious plates of pansit tumbling with an assortment of vegetables.

Mind you, these are all snacks! We do take it seriously. As a rule, we eat five times a day, with snacks at mid-morning and another one in the afternoon. Midnight snacking is optional. You won’t get excommunicated. Probably. 

Often, foreigners are shocked by the amount of food we prepare and consume and how frequent we do it. Pussies. 

But really, eating is a way of life here. It is invariably a social affair. When we are happy, we eat. When we are mourning, we eat. When we are bored, we also eat! 

Such a shame we are grossly under-represented in the global culinary map. But, oh well, we still eat and eat good food regardless!


    1. we do! but it can be healthy i believe, depending on which part of the table you go to. we have beautiful pinakbet, kinilaw, laing, enormous tuna, kasoy, and a whole universe more of great food. i say we have it all!


  1. Yummm…. one particular snack i fell in love with while visiting Thailand wss sticky rice and banana and coconut… i could eat that all day everyday.

    Yes… food is the music of life… so eat on my good friend, and keep sharing the goodness!!


    1. hello, i will ask my mom but you can look up a caldereta recipe by panlasang pinoy. the guy is quite good! why are you interested in caldereta? good choice btw.


        1. good choice, you are a smart man. so you enjoy spicy food with coconut cream! you are after my own heart. i also like bicol express. anything with coconut cream from the ph is lovely. so happy you appreciate our food.


  2. Haha! This is an awesome post and that food looks amazing! Actually, it’s better to eat more often during the day. Well… assuming you’re not eating full-meal size portions. :p But if the food is good, I imagine it can be quite difficult to not go back for seconds. Hee hee!


    1. thank you. yes, eating is so pleasurable. it is sad how it can get problematic for some people. but i do wish everyone can enjoy good food to make themselves happy! thank you for visiting!


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