In my previous post, I mentioned how we, the sovereign Filipino people, are professional eaters. But this is not the only thing we are good at. We also know how to party. In fact, we do not just party. We goddamn feast.
The first hallmark of a Filipino celebration: it must absolutely be over-catered.

No, we do not have any sense of portion control or any idea about proper consecutive servings of dishes from appetizer to dessert.

Free-for-all or bust!

The Filipino party table is a magnificent sea of delicious food, invariably buffet-style, that one can raid over and over until you hate yourself.

Everything is laid out: from heaping plates of lumpia to pot after pot of tomato-based stews.

More important, the very meaning of a local fiesta: lechon!

What is a party without lechon? The Philippines is porky country and we love our buttery gold lechon with crispy, crispy skin, which is undoubtedly the soundtrack to my life.

I never miss an opportunity to wax poetic about this beauty. I assure you, I have a soul-deep, electrifying connection with this gorgeous, glowing pig.

Healthy eating gurus may not be done, but I am!

10 thoughts on “JUST TO PROVE A POINT

  1. Where’s the fruit salad at? This reminds me of any gathering really or a typical Sunday get-together at my Mom’s place (sans the lechon, obvs!).


    1. jusy pinoys will know the reference of “we, the sovereign filipino people.” i love it. thank you for visiting and i am glad this post reminded you of home. now have something to eat!

      Liked by 1 person

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