As much as street-side dining is my thing, I also enjoy good food in wonderful, relaxed restaurants. Nice to have cutlery sometimes!

So after my pork barbecue binge in the streets of Boracay, a treat – dining at Hill Station in my hotel Casa Vallejo. It is a popular spot in Baguio City and it does not take a lot to see why.

The grand wooden staircase sets the scene for great country-style dining. 

The atmosphere is fantastic, but more important, the food is such as you would encounter in heaven. 

Of all these deliciousness, my favorite is the dark chocolate and lemon tart. It just might be the condensed form of everything good in the world!

And do not discount the spinach and mushroom ravioli with pumpkin puree. I know it looks like something the dog threw up in the photo but even sugar looks like salt.

It is so flavorful for something supposed to be healthy. In fact, I am surprised how much I like it!

I only wanted to try something new and when my eyes landed on this murky green pasta dish, I knew I did not want to walk away from that table thinking, “I could have eaten that!” 

33 thoughts on “AHA, A FORK! 

  1. so beautiful! love the pictures too, you always take beautiful pictures! how do you do it? going to go to this place when I visit the Philippines soon 🙂 again, thanks for sharing!


    1. you are so sweet, thank you. i use my iphone to take photos, can’t be bothered lugging around anything else. aha, you are visiting, fantastic. give us a bell and maybe i can show you around sometime!

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      1. You’re welcome! No, seriously the pictures look really nice and professional. Omg, you said you use your iPhone to take pictures? Yeah, sometime between December and April! That would be awesome! Do you live there?


          1. awesome photography skills 🙌🏼 perfect, nice! I’m from the Ph too but live in Canada. This is cool 🙂 anyways, i commented twice because I thought the first one didn’t go through 😅


    1. hello elizabeth. many thanks! the ravioli looked depressing but the taste is wonderful. i am
      so happy i tried it, very filling and comforting. thank you for dropping by. so nice to hear from you!

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      1. Oh, the restaurant is in a hotel? That’s wonderful! You only need roll out of bed to get there! I’d just be sure to roll into something nice because it seems like such a pretty place, lol.


  2. Did you seriously eat all that??? My god, this is def a change from the road side cafes…. i love the ambience and the food looks soooo good i could eat it from here. I engoy the rare “fine dining” experience, but always get lost on what to order… chicken, meat or fish…and then do i bother to tone down the sauces and accompaniments or just eat the whole damn thing. Would not mind visiting this place though…. especially for that tart!


    1. fantastic to hear from you! this is not as fine as fine dining is concerned. i actually do not enjoy that as much, just like you. fine dining and all its rules make me feel like a neurotic 9 year old. this one here is more relaxed and i loved every bit of it. and yes, my friend, i ate everything and more. how is your diet going? back to solids?

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      1. Lol… gradually. But i need to tighten up the belt now. I have stayed in this programme too long…. no more messing around. I have given myself last 4 months to finish the race…and finish strong


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