Most people look forward to visiting Panglao. I don’t. In fact, the last time I was here in Bohol, I completely ignored this adjacent island. 

Yes, I know it is beautiful. I am not blind. But the thing is, the main draw of Panglao is out-of-this-world, utterly gorgeous scuba diving. My skills in this department is limited to diving for soggy cereal in my breakfast bowl, and being here now, completely knowledgeable of the unreachable, ethereal universe beneath the blue of this ocean, absolutely corrodes my soul. 

I am seething with envy, stranded here, watching divers come and go, wondering what marvels they must have seen underwater. Deep breaths. I should not stab one. It is not their fault I am a moron at scuba diving. 

Maybe next time I will take a course. Now there is an idea. For now, I will just continue baking here, aimlessly wandering, and looking fabulous under the sun.  

The hell of a choice do I have anyway? 


  1. This is soo beautiful Actually…. i was going to sugest looking for “historic clues” under water in my previous post – but you read my mind – you are a moron of sorts – telepathic! LOL.. maybe they have glass-bottom boats that you can go on to see below the surface???


    1. now i feel driven to get skilled up. am not the strongest swimmer in the world so the plan is to work on that, practice breathing under water, snorkel more, and eventually take a scuba diving course. we have the best spots in the world for it, insane not to see them!

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  2. It is a very beautiful place. I too would love to scuba dive, but put it off for a very different reason. I am mildly claustrophobic, so I am afraid I’d panic with all of that gear on and being under water. I hope you are able to take lessons the next time you are in this beautiful place!


  3. Gorgeous photos! It makes me want to visit. 🙂 Did you try snorkeling? I also don’t scuba dive but I have found snorkeling to be quite fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, Jessy


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