Briefly, the sun came out and it made the weather as perfect as can be. This is the kind of day I imagine the heroines in Jane Austen’s novels set out for a walk. 

I do my own traipsing too but certainly not in search of Mr. Darcy. Remember, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, food comes first before love and belongingness…

And rightfully so – I would rather be fed than loved!

Several steps from my hotel, I saw a tiny complex packed with hungry locals. Sure, this hardly counts as a decent walk but if there is great food nearby, why make it hard?

I love local hangouts like this. Not only is the food sure to be yummy, it will also be cheap!

The strawberry smoothie is the best. Fresh with great texture. Baguio City is popular for strawberries so this is gold minus any guilt. And for only PhP 50! 

The fish and chips is similarly treatly. Nice crust, fluffy fish, and crispy chips. What more can I ask for? 

Oh, I know. A nap!


  1. A few words for you….. I HATE YOU!!!!!

    Well, not really. Only because you get to eat such devilicious treats!!!

    I’m not the strawberry kinda gal ( only just started having the stawberry lite yoghurt coz the vanilla tastes like crap and the plain tastes like someone threw it up) but that smoothie there… looks so good!

    I do love fish and chips… chips being the operative word year and I can just about think about a million ways to eat those fat wedges….eat on mate!

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    1. when i was a kid, i did not like strawberry too, because of the texture, but i have grown to like it. mind you it is awfully expensive here because it is only grown in this place where i had this gorgeous smoothie. so it is really a treat. aha, we both adore fish and chips, fantastic! come to think of it, who doesn’t?

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        1. i want to try all sorts of berries though. they look really pretty. not in abundance here, am afraid. we do not grow any other, apart from strawberry. how about in kenya? i like fish and chips with mustard and honey. wow i am getting hungry and it is midnight.

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          1. Lol… an just about to cook dinner… come over.. chicken with ( mashed for me) leak and brocoli…. we only get strawberries… the others are all imported… hence expensive for us too

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  2. Those familiar sidewalks on the way to UP. On the other side was the Pines Hotel now SM Baguio. The plants with yellow flowers, they have been there since I can remember. I was a student there in 1974-78 in fact I have a photo in front of that hotel. I always choose that side of the street going to school…its elevated sidewalk and the view of a road going down (Leonard Wood) and Cabinet Hill with its quaint country style cottages.


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