What can be worse than horrible coffee? That’s right, horrible coffee that you actually paid for. Boiled black printer ink, you know? Luckily, this tiny stall in Chatuchak Market has nailed its priorities.

The name says it all. Laughed my ass off when I saw it. OK. FRESH COFFEE. Fantastic. Stale coffee? Not okay. I had to take their word for it though than test it myself. It was scorching yesterday in the popular Bangkok weekend market so I opted for a refreshing lemonade.

I walked for hours, covering the length of Pluto, each turn presenting a pleasant surprise. A riot of colors. Exotic scents. Delicious smells shooting straight to my belly people. Strange stuff and the common with an entertaining twist.


They weren’t joking when they said everything can be found here. I’m pretty sure even dried vampires are sold somewhere, I just didn’t find the right section of the market. The boy would have loved this place. He will hate the heat and the walking but will fully enjoy the bargain shopping. I miss him.

I miss him most with every meal. This is how I am certain of how I feel for him. With the rest of the world, there is never a ‘we’ in food. But with the boy, eating becomes infinitely more pleasurable, the food tastier and more interesting. It makes me happier. But as I am quite alone here in Bangkok, I try to remain strong and devour my meals with as much gluttony as I can muster. For the glory of my belly people.

Yes, that is pad thai. I ate it. Tried to eat it. Give it another chance. The boy was surprised when I sent him the photo. He knows I hate it. I still do.



          1. Lao? Oh my Thor I’m falling in love with you now. Coffee knowledge binds us.
            We have steaks and grass fed beef and all we lack in is some veggies but I have Brussels and dandelion greens right now so mouthgasms are still every day.


            1. fantastic! lao coffee is thick and syrupy. i take it black and it is just awesome. what is your favorite coffee? is it true you have monster size steaks? you grow your own veg? spectacular!

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              1. Haha everyone gets so fascinated by us. I personally enjoyed Alaska food far better than ours due to fresh fish but whatever. I do still have bacon.
                My favorite coffee is generally from new guinea. I love dark tones with maybe a tinkling of berries.
                Oh my goddess have you ever tried coffee and peanut butter together?!?!?!


                1. alaska food just sounds so fresh, doesn’t it? from PNG, you mean? your description reminds me of coffee from sagada. my favorite breakfast is coffee and wheat bread with cashew butter. it is subtler than peanut butter and i am in love with it.

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                    1. Haha I actually just did a post why I can’t eat bread if you want to go check it out.
                      It’s… Hmmm…smooth and mindgasm depths of cream. There’s usually more crunch to it though if you store buy it. You can make your own super easily though.

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                1. oh i’m sure you will get to it. people who love food tend to go in that direction anyway. because we are greedy. my dad grows produce. it is one of the best parts of visiting home. i love that bit about the unit. such connections are just lovely.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve just returned from Paris, where I discovered that each country has a different approach to coffee making. A “cappuccino” in Australia is quite different from one in Paris or in Rome.


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