Maybe I have been too spoiled with immaculate beaches that White Beach in Puerto Galera falls short to amuse me. It is uninspiring. To put it benignly. 

The beach is not white enough and the coast is not long enough. Ultimately, the vibe killed it.

Puerto Galera is a rich man’s wife who just got dumped because she did cocaine. Think of it as a bankrupt Boracay or a slightly commercial Malapascua. 

The water is beautiful though. Good for swimming. Plus it is more affordable here compared to Sabang Bay, the scuba diving side of the island.

My enthusiasm is definitely lethargic, if not comatose. 

But certainly nothing that good food cannot fix.

At one end of the cove is a lovely Italian bistro. Great ambience. More important, the pizza is heavenly. So massive it requires its own satellite.

Suddenly, happiness! 

Then, on the opposite end of the beach is a Danish restaurant with schnitzel the size of the moon. 

Must chew thoroughly lest it explodes in my tummy as the world’s first internal asteroid. 

Wow. Now I forgot what I have to complain about.

59 thoughts on “PUERTO GALERA, PLEASE

  1. dang, I’d be happy just to be able to go to a beach restaurant and eat. Let me check my lottery tickets. …well, not today then. But when I win…

    What’s the catch of the day? Can I have that blackened, with rice and a garden salad? And how about a dry, fruity pinot grigio to go with that? No, please, leave the bottle.

    The schnitzel looks good too.


    1. the lifestyle is great. when i lived in boracay, i adored it. that is my next trip – go back there and enjoy! it will be interesting because it is the wet season now.


      1. U come across as someone with a great metabolism who has nothing to worry about the effects of manic eating… eat up my good friend, especially if the food is as good as you just showed us…the rest will take care of itself


      1. Hey im doing. Sorry for the late reply. Im somewhat have been lacking and i have been eating everything i wanted. I understand haha That is pretty cool! It’s as close to real Italian food can get. Great to see you are doing good πŸ™‚


              1. Just relax right now. I didn’t know it was because of yoga. Don’t push your body too hard right now. That is all you can do now. Also, run to keep your stamina. Keep your head up.


                1. hey, thanks. i can’t run, bad left knee. it is really insane because i am thinking of having a full camp next month but i am still waiting for my wrist to heal. i think it is getting better but not 100%.

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                    1. i can be obsessive. over training does me no good, you are right. i hate how i injured both wrists one after the other! the worst thing is i eat like a maniac when out. well, maybe it is not the worst. but i have gained weight.

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      1. It’s in Camarines Norte. Bicol. I really wanted to travel sometimes but I’m too scared to go alone. Hahaha. Also, I didn’t enjoy our trip to El Nido 3 years ago because of my terrible eye sight. I love swimming but I couldn’t remove my glasses without becoming blind lol.


        1. i have to make a point of exploring the islands in that region. oh wow, i hope you get the inspiration to do it. traveling is absolutely lovely. as you see on my blog, i live for it. i was not comfortable to travel alone at first too but you just have to do it!

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    1. glad you enjoyed the many islands here during your visit. i will probably not return to puerto galera ever. thankfully, there is never a shortage of stunning islands to visit here.


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